Hour Glass Sweater

I finished "the kid in us all hat" and blocked it sunday. I stitched it up monday morning, added the tassels and well. My heart was touched my daughter she asked if she could wear it tomorrow OMG!! She likes it, she really likes it! I so heart her mmaawwh ;D My daughter is a teen fashionista slash future designer and my cheerleader. I was taking a picture to post and she put the hat on and asked me if she could be my model I will post pic's later. I made a ipod cover. O.K. I admit I am A.D.D. I usually have a couple of projects going at the same time-I get bored. It's felting in the wash and my fingers are crossed it will turn out. I forgot to mention last week, my Secret Pal mentioned the surprises I sent her I am so happy she likes them. I look forward to meeting you pal and you are welcome. I officially started my first sweater. It is "Hour Glass Sweater" in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I bought NORO Lily yarn for it which is a silk/cotton blend yum, yum yum in color 25 a deep fushia. I casted on and well that is when I got sidetracked on the ipod cover. I guess I am still in pink mode, the ipod cover is in a lite pink with a dark pink heart on it.

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