Hour Glass Sweater

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There was very little progress on my sweater and no blogging this week sorry! These past two weeks have been busy... I was working on a local fundraiser, for my son's high school. I worked on our silent auction. It turned out beautiful, smile! I also attended a guild meeting I belong to we raise money for JDRF (juvenile diabetes research foundation) it is a great group and we have alot of fun while doing it. My girlfriends and I attended a SCL luncheon. We raise funds for the developmentaly disabled. We had David Hasselhof of Baywatch as our guest speaker. My girlfriends and I had a side splitting blast. Yesterday I helped my daughters school.The school is presenting a musical slash play. We are selling drinks and snacks at intermission and and the money raised is for grad night. I helped decorate and watch over the boy's who were helping for community service hours. They were a blast. I tried to make cookies the night before but, after ruining two batches of sugar cookie dough, burning the chocolate chip cookies I burst into tears. My son told me it would probably be a better idea if he went to the market and bought some cookies and we call it a day. I love that boy! Today, I am going to see the musical/play I am excited especially since my daughter worked on costumes, smile!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a busy person! The world is lucky to having you working so hard for all these charitable causes.

Sorry to hear about the cooking disasters. I can totally relate to the tears. Life gets overwhelming at times and over some of the strangest stuff. Take a deep breath and move on. There's always a knitting project to help you find peace. Though knitting after the cookie debacle might not have been wise. You might have had to use that crochet needle. :)

Thinking of you,
Your Secret Pal

PS. I haven't had time to shop lately, but my creative juices are flowing. The next package might contain some hand made goodies. Now having written that, I need to get my arse away from the computer and my hands a working.

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