I've fallen and now I can knit

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I've fallen and now I can knit! I fell this morning and broke my ankle or aka distal fibula and something about ligaments. I was told this break is gonna take longer than usual to heal. Wow!!! talk about painful, I literally could not breathe, speak, move. I was frozen on the floor I was clammy and felt I was going to pass out. I had to crawl to my room I was shaking so bad. I broke my foot a few years ago it did not hurt this bad. My speechless sweetie took me to the hospital. I had to use childs crutches to get out of the house. My ankle is swollen 4 times its normal size it makes the other one look quite skinny. Like a diet ad before and after. Hee, hee! I think my happy pills are kicking in now weeeeee!
Gotta have my nurse oops! daughter get me some ice its throbbing. So I am in a splint until monday afternoon and then I get my cast. My nurse/fashionista wants me to get a rainbow cast. I would really like a animal print cast. I am hoping to get some knitting done definately nothin' I will have to count or pay to much attention to. I think my bestest gift I recieved from my secret pal is definitly going to come in handy "THE CROCHET HOOK" I may be dropping some stitches hee,hee! I ate all the chocolates darn, darn, darn! I need yarn and chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! This is horrible, you're out of chocolate! and of course I'm sorry to read about your ankle. I have a few hours to shop tomorrow.... what would you like? Chocolates, yarn and a cheezy novel? chocolates, yarn and some magazines? My goal is to send a package before I go away on Wednesday.

Happy First Day of Spring!

~ Your Secret Pal

Jane said...

OUCH!!! Been there & done that so I know how much it hurts. Once you have your cast on, a knitting needle makes a good way to get rid of those pesky itches that develop under it. I had a denim blue cast as it matched the blue jeans they had to cut off me at the hospital (I cut buttonholes along the seam and crocheted a cord so I could lace the leg up over the cast. Later, I cut them off for shorts) Take care..

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