I am so sick of crutches I am bruised, I trip and fall and I can't carry anything. I miss my morning cup of coffee or tea unless I lean at the counter to drink it but its not the same. I can't even go to the market or gas up without making an akward fool of myself. Why do people stare at you, watch you fall continue to stare and do not offer to help? What happened to kindness? I wasn't brought up that way nor have I brought my children up like that. Oh, well I am sorry didn't mean to vent it has been rough. I did get a few more inches knitted on my hourglass sweater will post later since flickr is down something about getting a massage. I guess its computer lingo for crashing. I also started a summer sweater it is called "Bell Sleeve Boat Neck Pullover" by Suss Cousins, in a 100% Slub Cotton in a fresh turquoise. It will look great this summer with some white jeans. I am also trying to make a golf/putter cover for my son. I am designing it or rather winging it a'la sock mode. I casted on 36 stitches on size 5 dpn and I am K2 P2 ribbing it like a sock band. I think I will make the band about 4-5 inches long so it will have a nice turtleneck type of fit where the shaft meets the putter head I was thinking to knit it like a tube sock but then I can become obsessive and I am debating on creating a heel flap. OK, truth I am not obsessive but creative I am totally right brained. I was recently invited to join R.A.O.K. "random acts of kindness" and my awesome secret pal inspired me with her brillant creativity with her hand felted stitch markers she made me. Well I had some wire, beads and jump rings so I made some stitch markers as a R.A.O.K. and sent them out to some random unsuspecting R.A.O.K.'s enjoy! Secret Pal you are my muse, my source of inspiration Thank You!


Jenn said...

It is amazing how rude soem people can be! It hnever fails that when i am out with my SUV of strollers (it's a double) there will be someone who see me struggling with a door, and just walks right by.

I would be sure to help you out if I were to see you :-)

Laura said...

Hey there. I am a fellow RAOKer. I wanted to let you know that I feel your pain, literally. I have been on crutches and in a wheelchair for the past eight months. I had a knee surgery with complications that hasn't turned out so well. I have run into my fair share of rude people. I certainly wasn't brought up that way. Even in the hospital they will just run right into you or drop a door in your face. For me it's especially women. I'm in a wheelchair out of the house and it's even worse then. The staring does get annoying but I can ignore it. It's more the people who will run right into my leg and act like they didn't do it. The people who give me a dirty look b/c I'm in their way in a store at the mall or the worst. It gets really hard to keep your mouth shut. It's amazing, some people live in a little bubble where they can't seem to pay attention to anyone else around them.
Luckily I have also run into my fair share of very nice, considerate people. I always make a point of teling them how thankful I am. Don't feel bad about venting. Let it all out! I have wanted to say those things so many times before. I find that knitting calms my nreves and helps with the physical pain. It is a great coping tool. So keep on knitting and I hope you feel better! Good luck with your recovery.

Kimberli said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are having such troubles. It's hard to say what causes folks to stop in their tracks and stare...but I have seen people on crutches rudely REFUSE assistance...perhaps folks now think that help isn't wanted??
(Yes I'm a look for the brite side as I like to hope people are generally GOOD!)
How much longer do you have on the crutches?

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