Secret Pal

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I have the bestest secret pal in the whole wide world... Look what was waiting for me when I got home. Presents and not any presents special custom handmade ones! Look in the top right hand of picture there is a box with a hand drawn tag that say's "cellphone bling" inside was the most beautiful phone charm made with red, green and clear crystals it is already on my phone. On the bottom left is another box inside are four handmade stitch markers. They are beautifully felted with beaded accents in rich tones of red and golds. A light yellow brag book so I can document my finished projects omg, like a true knitter sniff, sniff! the lastest issue of Interweave Knits, a knitting needle guage "OK, who ratted me out ?" hee,hee! A sacchi bookmark/book-thong on one end in copper it says 'dream' and the other side is silver and it says 'vivdly', various sizes of needle point protectors including some for circulars, and additional stitch markers in a cute plastic box. Oops, some dove bar truffles I never knew they existed, well they don't anymore smile! they were yum.....Thank You, Thank You! Secret Pal


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed the package! I'm loving the bling for my cell phone too. (I had to make one for myself)

I felted the beads on the stitch markers. That was a fun project. Sorry I didn't send any yarn but my budget didn't allow for enough yarn for a sweater and anything less can be difficult to use.

~ Your secret pal

Anonymous said...

WOW what a haul!!!!!

Your socks on on their way to you.... Sorry they are so late...... Been waiting on you to get home as I didnt want them getting lonely!!!!!

Sock Pal

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