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My sock progess has been a bit interesting today. Tomorrow I get to have a Colonoscopy and a Upper Endoscopy all in one morning, Ugh! I have been stressing all day about it. But it has been pretty much stop and go all day on my socks. The wonderful tablets and gallon of awful tasting stuff is the culprit.
I sure hope my sock pal loves her socks. I love them. I am making them out of BALI by LLH it is a 50% Cotton & 50% Acrylic it is light lime green. I have lurked around her blog and she knits alot of socks, primarily wool. I sure hope she like these. They seem to be different than what she usually knits.

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ria said...

Wonderful sockies! So urm... what would you wear the beaded tiara with?

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