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I have these finished goodies I made. The one skein wonder, what a great and fun knitting project. It is a present for my niece Cindys bday. I also have a beautiful red beanie for my niece Ciaras bday they are sisters and they share the same birthday afew years apart. I made it with the coolest silk/soy yarn go figure and It is softer than cashmere, yum. I also made a pair of socks for my niece Lauren she is the first and only family member who has read my blog and actually left a comment let me take that back numerous comments, Big gRiN! My friends and family have come by but they don't leave comments. So with that ding, ding, ding you win a prize hand make socks.


African Kelli said...

Love your one skein wonder. It came out so nicely! I just bought the needles last night to start mine. Wish me luck.

Sedie said...

That almost sounds like a great contest for friends and family!!!! Your FO's look great!

Laura said...

Love the OSW! I bet that your niece will love it. So sweet!

Hope that all is well with you. I''m just getting caught up on your blog. Sorry! Email me and let me know how you are. HUGS and LOVE!

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