black sheep, have you any wool?

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I have been looking for the Black Sheep for some time, ok! almost a year. I knew at some time I would happen upon it. My baby girl found it for me our local yarn shop Knitting Pretty was at a fundraising event we are part of and my daughter gave her a hand setting up and lo and behold, big smile! I just love it! Well I am out of town right now, on the outskirts of San Francisco. I am taking a Masters course in Staging. I have been looking forward to this course for five months. I just pray I can hold up I had a tough time today I have been up since 2am, if only the pain would stop. I arrived in town and picked up my rental car, that in it's self is a whole other story. Seriously I think radio stations should NOT play Christmas music until Thanksgiving day atleast. I searched through the stations for some catchy tunes to drive to and I'll be darned if there wasn't a few of them playing Christmas music yeah! the whole White Christmas and all. OMGosh it was only 78 degrees outside. So I finally find a fun and snappy station so I can sing as I drive and wouldn't you know on the highway right smack in front of me was a mini van with YES! a Christmas tree strapped to the roof. Hello! can we get through one holiday at a time? I was shocked in July when the Holloween decorations were out but, puulleessee! I was looking forward to the day after Thanksgiving shopping bonanza with of course maybe a moment or two for some knitted bliss. Tomorrow I start my course bright and early. All I can say is I am looking forward to this new chapter. I just wish I wasn't away from my wonderful babies. Ok, so they are not toddlers or tween's they are Young Adults! But I treasure them and so maybe I am a little homesick for them and it hasn't been yet 12 hours, Smile! My boy well be did squeeze in his beloved golf today and my girl she learned how to drive today. Yeepee!!! Yup, like a big girl on real streets and everything. Thank You, Lisa for taking her. I forgot to mention I am almost done reading Yarn Harlot, the secret life of a knitter by Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee. I do have my next few books lined up Knitting A Novel by Anne Bartlett and An Idiot Girl's Christmas by Laurie Notaro.


ms*robyn said...

Hi Cindy- I totally agree with you on all the Christmas decorations coming out way too soon. I absolutely refuse to put one thing up til December 1st, when I put my wreath on the door.
Not sure what pain you are in, as I am new to your blog,but I hope you get some relief.
also, I emailed you re the christmas card swap..
take care xox

Cyndy said...

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