Who Wouldn't Love a Handknitted Gift?!

Who Wouldn't Love a Handknitted Gift?!
Ok, so I look at the amount of days left until Christmas I am in denial Ok! there are really more than that surely. I know I am being terribly ambitious to make a few knitted gift's but, I narrowed it down to immediate family and friends who I think will appreciate the fact I will not eat, sleep, pick-up the house, wash clothes or tend to my family. Heck all that ie: food, sleep, etc.. all over-rated. bIG sMiLe! nErvOuS LaUGh...
So my goal is:
3 pairs of socks
2 snowboarder type beanies
2 scarves
1 mini baby blanket
1 knitted doll with outfit

Thank You! Alison your clever idea will keep me on track and the thought of actually making my gifts I believe makes them special.

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African Kelli said...

Good for you! I am equally crazy. I've got five knitted gifts done and oh, about 10 more to go. It is insane. I will more than likely be doing some last minute shopping...

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