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I haven't blogged in forever so everyone be forwarned I have a lotttttaaa catching up to do. I have been sick and going through testing so I have some good days and some bad ones. I am otherwise still goofy and still am terribly in love with chocolate and lemon bars, sMiLE! I had a wonderful Christmas I will share the whole skinny on my adventure. I had a lovely New Years which I will say I barely made it home within two hours of midnight.
Lookie what I received from clear across the pond from Scotland. Imagine, my eyes are glazed over as I visualize Scotland. See I have a very vivid imagination and aahhhhh! Lovely Scotland. Okay, okay seriously I recieved the most elegant and I will repeat ELEGANT enameled hand mirror with a Dragonfly and inlaid crystals it is so very, ELEGANT and Special I am touched. I believe my pal truely knows me because I just love having a hand mirror and hankie in my handbag. I also recieved a bracelet and its from Mark and Spencers I have always wanted shop there, big grin here! and just look at the most lovely gift tag I feel like I have gone back in time it is so lovely. I received all of these treasures from Wendy "fairycakegirl" Thank You So Very Much!

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Carol said...

Oh welcome back in bloggerland dear Cindy! :D, I'm so glad to read that you are okay and that you've obviously found the cord! I guess/hope that you've seen my "thank you post" for the special swap gifts that you have sent me! I've been also very touched by your thoughtful presents! Awww Wendy is such a sweetypie too!

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