Peek inside a package I sent

Here is a peek at the package I sent for a St Patricks Day swap I was in inside the card is a pair of stitch markers I made and a pair of dpn's. and I sent some tea not pictured. I also found some chocolates that donates a percentage to a rescue and habitat cool. I hope my partner likes her goodies.


ciara said...

So good to see that you're back online- at least I can see what other type of goodies you're making! The girls LOVE the hats and gloves!!!

berny said...

Hi Cindy. I whait for yor photo!!!
I thing that who receive this package, was a lucky girl!!!!

Jenny143 said...

Hi Cindy,

How lucky am I? I am the lucky recipient of this packet of goodies! I absolutely LOVE every bit!!!!
It is perfect! I cannot find enough nice things to say to you!
Thank you again, so very much for your kindness and generosity!

ps - I too believe chocolate and lemon bars can cure all the world's ills

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