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Isn't this most incredible package ever ever received? Well I think so it is luurvverly I had never heard of this book Cables Untangled its wonderful and it has fabulous patterns and pictures the pictures are beautiful. This is more of a coffee table book to be left out and drooled over. I really love Gnomes! and the yellow tin had lemon drop mini candies in it. Those chocolate gone I wolfed them them down appropiately quick. Those little balls of yarn are so neat. Look at each one they are all from the same color and dye lot it a new type of yarn a variagated I am sure there is a correct term for this yarn in I don't know it though, smile... I want to thank Tamara you are so thoughtful and I appreciate and love all of it. All the time and effort to send me this Thanks. I am going to try your idea to make the reversable scarf I agree it should look great with this yarn.  

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