Learning to dye yarn with Anne

I learned how to dye yarn. I am so excited I met Anne through Ravelry and not only does she live close by. She is opening a yarn shop close by too, in Fullerton Yay! It is awful not having a yarn shop close by. I have to drive

thirty minutes to a hour away. The online shop just opened up Handicraft Cafe and I can't wait till her store front opens. I bought some fabulous yarns from her I will post pictures later. I was impressed with the 
wide selection of yarns and colorways and quality. Anne and her partner have wonderful taste. 

Here are my pictures I tried to document the process and here are some of the pictures. I enjoyed talking to Anne so much I keeped forgetting to take pictures of the process. 
Here is the first two yarns I dyed and the colors are blues, greens and purple. Having such a great teacher and seeing my beautious yarns I know I will definately do it again.


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