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Do you think it can be a bit silly to make fruit shaped dishcloths? well I do think they are silly fun and a bit of silly happiness to get through the drudgery of washing dishes and I am up for any silly happiness. I cook everyday atleast once sometimes three complete balanced meals. My family well they have their standards set a bit high and I am guilty. I love going to the farmers market and buying wonderful just picked vegetables and fruit. I admit I don't get to the farmers market as often as I would like but it is a special ritual I share with my daughter, a big exhale a big smile insterted here. I have as she is appropriately named my Miss Daisy cart it is one of those vintage wire basket wheeled carts and its old and I bought it at a garage sale. I made a liner for it out of a bunch of vintage shabby chic fabrics and I love her she is the right bit      
of ridged strength and sass. I can fill her up and still plop a hard sided basket on top for herbs and soft fruits and tadaah we are in business. My daughter is my inspiration she is brillant and has a wiked sense of humor and she likes to lead at the farmers market ever curious she will ask me whats that and what can you make ( that would be me) out of it, smile. It can be root vegetables turnips, a hoard of potatoes every shape color and size fruit oh how we love the fruit organic and sweet and I love to bake so I try to make sure there is something for my honeys huge sweet tooth. Fresh herbs and fresh salad greens yum, there is one booth at the Santa Monica Farmers Market that has the most fabulous salads mixes and baby spinach the leaves are so tender and sweet and when you walk past the table the scent of the herbs is amazing. There is a table next to it that has fresh cheese and you get to taste a minute piece of each. There are fresh eggs and breads and there is a stand that carries mushrooms just picked from Northern Ca.. There are dried fruits and flowers and it is so inspiring for me. The drive it is quite a ways for us but it has not disapointed me yet. Oh, yeah the dish cloths I am trying to be a bit more green I tried my dish cloth I made and I'll be darned I love it, I cleaned the counters and washed glasses and pans and I want MORE dishcloths!    

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