Is it real?

My dd made this in art class it is really amazing it is suppose to be her father, smile. But he as a matter of fact does not think it resembles him at all. She even put a v-necked undershirt on him exactly like he wears and she claims to have perfected all his wrinkles, smile. Well is it hard to look in the mirror and see the person looking back at you looks a bit like your parents. Smile crinkles around the eyes a few or in my case a lot of grey hair and I am not saying this for any type of compliment its a fact. I decided a few years ago I was really tired of coloring my hair every 4 to 6 weeks was enough but due to a medication I take daily oddly enough permanent hair coloring especially for grey hair just washes out as if it is temporary hair coloring. So I decided to let my hair go grey I see all those attractive models in the over 40 magazines like More or O magazine and it just looks wonderful okay, I know there is fancy lighting and stylists and makeup artists and it may not all be reality but they sure make over 40ish women look great. Not to change the subject but all those dove soap ads and I think its hanes underwear ads with real women  with wrinkles and lovehandles.  My family sat me down after about 3 to 4 inches of truely grey hair and said NO. Kinda funny I was questioning it myself do I truely want to admit my age? do I like being asked my age? I have been grey since 17 my kiddos never believed me when I said I was greying as a teen. But some genes do pass and oddly enough yes my son does have his few random grey hairs and we started or I noticed when he was 18.  Its odd I look in the mirror and I do see someone else a older version of the person I have in my mind and I think I am in my twenties still. I am actually double that plus a bit but its okay. Will I feel the same way my honey does if my daughter makes a bust of me I don't know but I can say when I look at the pictures I have taken recently, I wonder do I like technology as advanced as it is when I take pictures with these new digital cameras seriously I can see if I have a chin hair and ugh, if I forgot to pluck my eyebrows but also it shows the extra weight I have put on. I don't know if I like the reality of it all yet and the new HD televisions try watching something I video'd on that is another reality you can see sweat and unshaved legs too.  

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Yarni Gras! said...

love it!

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