My friend Bernie is a sweetheart!

Look at what my friend Bernie sent I can't believe it. There is so many goodies and I love all of them. If you look on top of the pink needle holder there is a tiny pair of knitting needles with pearls and the tinest ball of yarn and actual knitting on them and it has a magnet on the back it is precious. 
She also sent me a skein of her own hand dyed yarn isn't it beautiful? 
She also sent me dye and look at the chocolate with a sheep on it it is so sweet.
and this needle holder, Bernie how did you know I needled a needle holder? It is made by Country Lou and the combination of fabrics is brillant I absolutely love it!!! Thank you Bernie I Love everything!!!!


berny said...

Hi Cindy,
I'm happy that you love all the item that I send to you!

berny said...

About the needle holder....
I buy 2.... 1 for you , and 1 for me!!!!!

Country Lou said...

Dear Cindy, I'm really very happy you liked the needle holder Berny asked me expressly to make for you !! She is one of my dearest friend and as you can see she makes wonderful things !!! I love her magnets too.
Many compliments for your knitted crafts, they are amazing !!!!! Ciao.

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