Here is a swap package I put together last month for the Premier of Sex and The City, I love the movie I missed Carrie and the girls and Big, gotta love the guy, muuuaahh! Aah, yes I will be seeing it again, smile... You didn't think I would sneek in a flask to see it and toast with the girls, naw not me.

The challenge this time was to picka purse one of the characters would use and what would she have in her bag. I went with Carrie, smile I miss that gal and of course a clutch. But I kinda went with thru the years what would you have found in it at any time.

Well you remember what fell out of her purse the first moment she met big, smile yup, stuck a whole bunch in there. Then when she went through her aviator wearing, and big flower phase, and a cupcake holder of course in case she went by Magnolia Bakery. Tampons of course through out all the years they came in handy even getting her and Samantha a table at a new popular restaurant or... you would have had to have seen the all the series, you silly's. Oh, a thong when she was trying to leave some things at Bigs apt, I couldn't resist the nicoret patch when she was dating Aidan I made one and some other goodies too I added in. It was all in good fun and a clever fun swap. I hope my swap partner liked it?  

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