So fun and hApPY feeling

I had so much fun making these aprons the fabrics are so fun and happy feeling. This one reminds me of the beach a tropical beach of course. With yellow polka dot accents and pink ric rac, love that stuff whom ever came up with the concept of ric rac was a clever sort. It can make something that is happy, happier or something that is pretty, prettier. The butterfly apron is seriously really fun and happy, it just has a light heart feel to it plus I love the polka dots. Polka dots and ric rac go together so well like apples and caramel or vanilla ice cream and hot fudge or pancakes and syrup hum... happy food!     

1 comment:

Yarni Gras! said...

wonderful...love the fabric combinations....and I agree.....ric rac is so much fun!

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