re-purposed leather

This past Christmas I made these cute purses for gifts... I stumbled on leather pants, skirts & shirts at a few of my favorite thrift stores so I decided to make some of my Christmas gifts these are the purses I made for some fun stylish college gals I know. They are just big enough for a few things like a cell, lip gloss and a wallet and it fits right over the wrist like a bracelet. They could still dance or hold a cold beverage with the bag on their wrist. I did save one for me and I felt so good about making them. You can see the pink bag was originally a skirt, they were so easy to sew up on my sewing machine and I actually used regular thread and just a regular needle on my machine I thought I should use a leather needle but it wasn't necessary. I also made home-made soap from scratch which turned out awesome this past November so my gift to the gals included handmade soap. I will post later about my foray into soap making which was a fun adventure a bit scary but turned out quite a success. I bundled up a variety of the soaps I made & some fun soap dishes as gifts for my family too. 


Sal said...

Those are FANTASTIC! What a creative way to recycle leather.

-L said...


I still have mine & can't wait to use it.

I just have had the perfect opportunity to show it off YEEET.


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