treasure hunting

I went treasure hunting by accident, I stopped by a local thrift store a few weeks ago and found knits & hand knits. Just the thought of the labor of love that went in to those knits. I stood there staring at them I know total softie... and brought them home and lovingly hand washed and blocked theses lovelies. My baby girl has been telling me I should put together a online store? The sweater tee is a Police concert t-shirt dated 1982 it is too cool... The scarf is a vintage wool in garter stitch just lovely. The black extremely deep v-neck sweater with dolman sleeves is a wool/cashmere blend and it could actually be worn either way with the v-neck to the back it would look sexy.  The beautiful cabled cardigan is so beautiful and over the top, its a nice thick fishermans wool and I have counted such a variety of stitches some I have never seen except in a book and the top left furry knit sweater is just so fun and fluffy it looks exactly like what a few of the top fashion houses have done for Winter '09 and it is a handknit vintage piece go figure. 

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J said...

WOW! These are awesome finds! I have just recently gotten into (or at least tried and well, failed miserably) the whole thrifting thing. Its so overwhelming to me! I mean those stores are total disasters. Got any tips? I have been to a total of 2 goodwills and 1 salvation army and 0 goods! ha ha.


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