January Spice Rack Challenge

Here are the starting ingredients for my January Spice Rack Challenge which is to use Rosemary and I have it growing in my front yard so I decided to use fresh. I am one of those people who cannot go to the grocery store hungry because sad to say I end up with so many thing I would have never bought had I not been hungry. So when I cook and I am hungry I can end up without a theme or a balanced meal which is what happened today hungry + challenge = three recipes. I went straight to the three gals Ina, Giada and Nigella because I know I can depend on them Ina is straight out bold, Giada I can count on for light and flavorful and Nigella is usually quick and to the point. So I went for Ina's Roasted Rosemary Potato's which honestly I don't need a recipe for because I have my own version but I thought I should have something to reference since I am not accurate at writing recipe's. Then onto Giada and I saw her Popcorn with Rosemary Oil which I thought would be interesting and my family like's a snack but are not into heavy and overly sweet well.... maybe a little bit sweet which I went to Nigella who to this day I still make quite a few of her dessert recipes from her Nigella Express even if I do have the time to spend and her Union Square Cafe Nuts which I have made and are seriously yummy... This was fun and I have a garden full of Rosemary plus I had everything I needed right here in my pantry and I never thought to make Rosemary infused oil even though I have made many infused oils and I have to say is Nigella's Garlic infused oil is always on my counter.

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Shayne said...

I love oil infused with garlic and rosemary, it is great with lamb

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