Tomatillo salsa and jalapeno salsa

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We have been on a salsa kick lately from making scrambled eggs and adding salsa to chilaquiles or huevos rancheros and of course standing at the counter and dipping tortilla chips yum.....
So I made two fresh salsas the first is in the blender a tomatillo salsa and then a red salsa with charred tomatos, jalapenos, onions and garlic and then blended. The charring of the tomato's and jalapenos add a smokiness to the salsa which is different from your salsa fresca's.
I also have a fig jam simmering in the red pot and a pear and vanilla bean jam in the yellow pot I have my jars simmering and getting ready to get filled. I will post my completed jams including a blueberry jam I am making and a cranberry jalapeno one I experimented and made.

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