Heels and Toes

Well, I spent Tuesday night trying to work and rework the heel & toe on my trophy socks, so many times I lost count. Yesterday I figured I was in over my head, so I went to my lys to ask for help and I was told she had never done a heel that way before. So, I purchased a pattern and yummy yarn and decided I temporarily was going to let my trophy socks sit until grand intervention. I am delighted to say a lovely Angel who was there to knit with her pals sat with me and ever so paitently explained my heel problem. I would have caught the problem if had I read the entire pattern completely. Okay, maybe I wouldn't of caught it hee,hee,hee! See I assumed the heel came before the toe unless it was being knit toe up, but my problem was the heel is done after the sock is completed. Am I explaining this correctly? I am new at this.
Today I was went back to lys for help and got to knit with some ladies, two it turns out I know. This group apparently meets weekly and have a knit along going. All of the ladies were so helpful and encouraging. I completed the socks and now I am on to the heel. Hurrah!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It's your Secret Pal here, lurking around! Welcome to blogging! It's lots of fun. I love the socks. Great colors.

Please explain the name of your blog. Just curious.

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