Secret Pal Questionaire

1.Am I a yarn snob? I learned on novelty yarns and love the
feel of natural fibers
2.I learned to crochet when I was little does that count?
3.Allergies? Mean people
4.I have been knitting about a year and a half
5.I just learned about wish lists it is on my to-do list
6.Fresh water & linen scents, beach vacation scents,
lavender, melon
7.Sweet Tooth? I beg your pardon, a whole mouthful!
8.I sew and I enjoy every craft you can imagine. I am
totally right brained
9.Music? I love music! I am that person driving down the
street singing in my car
10.Blue lol! note my screen name. I also love red, and what I
refer to as 'groovy green' a light green, romantic
jewel tones, white and pink
11.I have two teenagers son 16, daughter soon to be 15
and their Lovely Father(smile!)and not to forget my new baby
a gift from my kids "Doc" a malti-poo almost 4 months
12.Well on the life dreams I want to have my own business
again, travel to exotic places, win lotto he,hee!
13.Favorite yarns? Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Colinete, Noro
14.Yarns I hate?
15.Knitting obsession? learn cable stitch, one day be able to
read knitting instructions & actually understand them & the
abreviations and to one day knit with cashmere.
16.Favorite knitting? So far I would have to say in the round
17.I am knitting socks and going to attempt a sweater
18.I love ponchos always have
19.Both, but I learned on circulars and no worries because
I can't loose a needle with circulars he!hee!
20.Aluminum, bamboo and plastic
21.I am not officially a sock knitter I just completed
my first pair
22.I am a self taught knitter I learned with books, diy shows,
and 1 lesson on circular needles.
24.Favorite character hum!
25.My favorite Holiday? All,I love them all!
A reason to celebrate!!!
26.My new collecting craze is knittiing stuff of course.
Books, needles and yarn. I love Audrey Hepburn,
animal prints, anything Asian inspired vintage or new.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks ~ Very helpful. Oooohhh, this is going to be fun!
From your Secret Pal

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