my secret pal

My secret pal sent me wonderful presents yeepee!!!!!!
I am the luckiest girl ever. I got two skiens of Berroco Optik it is just beautiful. I also recieved some Dove milk chocolates which are my all time favorite chocolates, I am eating them as I write. I also recieved a wooden crochet needle hum... do I drop stitches now and them. Why yes, Mam I sure do!!! How did you know?? I also got a pattern for a drop stitch scarf how cool is that? Way cool I must admit I am gonna start one tonight. I also recieved some cute tea lights with hearts. Thank You! Thank You! Secret Pal you are awesome.

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad it arrived! I was getting nervous. Next time I'll use faster mail. I had intentions of getting the package to you for Valentines Day. Guess that didn't work.

Your dog doc is just the cutest thing. He should meet my dog. They look a lot alike.

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