no cast

Well I didn't get my cast my Dr. decided since I was going out of town it would be best not to put a cast on until I get back so I am in a splint til then, ugh! I am going to NYC and Miami I am taking my teens for Spring break. I have a few yarn shops I was thinking of going to School Products on 28th & Broadway, Yarn Co on 82nd and I can't remember the name of the van with the yarn balls on top that pick you up and take you to their store out of the city. I also want to go to Tender Buttons, I went years ago and have always wanted to go back. We will be going to a museum, yet to be decided and from the ambitious plans my kids are aiming for I will sure be impressed if we get to half of their wish list. We will definately do Chinatown, Canal St, Empire State Building, Time Square etc... of course St Patricks Cathedral and The Easter Day Parade "Happy Easter !" I don't know of any yarn shops in Miami area I wish I did. I finished cory today love it, love it, love it! Got to pack and figure out what will easily go over the foot. We are leaving tomorrow. I am wondering how friendly the Big Apple is with a women on crutches.


Lisa Marie :) said...

Hi! This is great! Your projects are just beautiful! You inspire me. I'm going to start a sweater today!
Sounds like you're having a blast! Wish I was there!

Anonymous said...

Definitely go to the Yarn Co. It is a cute store with lots of yarn and fairly decent prices. The sales girls were very nice to me when I went there in January.

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