yarn and the big apple

I was able to get to two yarn shops while I was in the Big Apple. I went to School Products and I found some awesome cashmere on sale. I didn't know you could buy yarn by weight. OK, sounds kinda dumb considering when we buy a ball or skein it details the weight and yardage on the label. But here the yarn had been wound into a variety of sizes . So I felt like I was at a fruit stand, I touched, squeezed, felt for density it was kinda cool. Then my yarn was weighed and I paid by the ounce. They even had free patterns with purchase. It was all so soft & yummy and ok I admit it I have become a fiber addict, smile! My choice's of yarn stores were limited, since I am being pushed all through town in my wheelchair by my great kids, I heart them! But, considering all this I scored. I also went to Purl in Soho, Joelle Hoverson author of Last Minute Knitted Gifts is the owner I did not know that needless to say I did imbarrass myself, smile! I bought some great patterns, alpaca yarns, new wool by Rowan, lovely dpns, and two new books. I got a picture inside purl and all I can say is I want a wall of yarn like that when I grow up.

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