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My pal from Secret Pal 4 revealed herself and sent me, my bestestest gift yet. Knowing you created this custom "cd" is impressive. I love its title "The Blissful Knitters Favorite Music" Listen while you knit. The greatest part of it is, most of the songs are my fav's, Basia OMG! I have listened to her since the 80's. Annie Lennox too cool, I have loved french music since my first trip to France. Peter Gabriel what can I say and Los Lonely boys I admit I was just recently started listening to them. What a wonderful world is my favorite song ever and everytime I listen to it, it reminds me of my mother she died when I was eleven. But I got to listen to it today while driving & I was singing at the top of my lungs. I decided I had to pose my special CD in front of a pic of me & my dearest, dancing of course. Thank You Secret Pal You are truely special This has been my first time ever having a secret pal and I admit it has been exciting and you spoiled me. Knowing you took the time to shop for special gifts and dedicate your time creating the others for me. I look forward to meeting you. Thank You! Meredith and I hope your Pal gifted you with all the special gifts you deserve.http://blissfulknitter.blogspot.com

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laura said...

The secret pal program is so neat. I've never done it but I'm looking forward to signing up for secret pal 5. I don't think anyone is running it yet. Hopefully someone will take on the job.

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