Yesterday was one busy day just not enough hours sometimes. I did not know if your cast gets wet inside it will not dry literally lol! When I have had my casts put on, I have had a few it goes on wet then dries as it hardens. This is the second time around for the same foot I broke it 2 years ago again no glam story. Well that was last wednesday night it got wet in the shower I wrap it so well I did not know my sweet dog bite into it and there were a few holes ugh! So it never quite dried so I called the Dr. and they laughed and told me to come in. I had no idea how grosse it can get lol! it would soon be a science project. So since I am a week away from that lovely walking MoonBoot she decided to put me in a week early yay! While waiting for the Dr. I did get in about 10 more rows on my hourglass sweater and I am getting pretty bored with it right now. Last night I had a mothers meeting for a mother daughter philantrophy we belong to and a mandatory parents meeting at my daughters school at the same time go figure. I did make it to both, smile! I am going out of town for a conference for a few days maybe I will get a chance to check out a few yarn shops.

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Laura said...

Hooray for the walking cast/boot! That has got to be a better alternative to crutches. Have fun at your conference. You must go visit some LYS's. I hope you have fun!

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