Yeepee!My Sockapalooza Socks Arrived

I just recieved the most awesomest pair of socks. Sockapalooza pal, I am so impressed I want to knit like you when I grow up you rock! My pal was kind enough to send the left over yarn, cool. She even sent me some yarn I think its feltable, I am new at all this. I will post a picture tomorrow I forgot again to charge camera battery must be my C.R.S.,can't remember stuff ha, ha or you can put a notty word in there... I will blame it on my cast. I went to 'Wallyworld' aka Walmart today and I had quite an experience today. Has anyone seen the first Austin Power's movie where he is driving the golf cart and he gets stuck in the hallway. I went in today and used one of the motorized wheelchairs they provide with the basket in front. Well I had to go to the bathroom, needless to day I found out the bathrooms are not designed to accomodate the motorized chair, nor are there bathroom attendents to open the door for you. I was stuck in there going back and forth again and again for 15 minutes. I started laughing till I had a belly ache. What a terrible situation to be in I did not even have my crutches with me. How do people who depend on these motorized chairs to get around handle a situation like this? Do they go to a special driving school ? I am convinced you are not allowed to go to the bathroom if you drive a motorized chair? Maybe next time I will go potty before I leave the house like Mom used to say or I will hook myself up with some depends. I am wondering especially after my trip to New York where it is not wheelchair freindly how is it we overlook situations such as this.. I better get off my soap box now

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Anonymous said...

Very glad you liked them! My first pair ever.. lol SO they are very special!

I understand about the carts at Wally World because my mom has to use one.. And when she has to go to the abthroom I have to stand guard outside over the stupid thing! lol


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