finally size7 12inch circulars

Well as you can see I have a new banner and button created for me by missa over at moonarts http://www.moonarts.com and I think she did a great job! 'holla' to Missa I finally found a size 7 12inch pair of circulars they are bright green plastic ones in Japanese packaging by clover. I have been on a endless search for 12 inch circulars I did find out Addi does make them but it was out of stock everywhere I looked go figure. Well I am going to get my beautiful hourglass sweater finished woo hoo! Laura over at the Premie Project has offered to help teach me how to cable, but she asked me to find a pattern. Hummm, now I have to pick a pattern I don't know what I should start with. Does anyone out there know of a basic cable scarf pattern I could learn to cable with? PLEASEEEEEEE


Laura said...

Oh cindy, I'm sorry I thought you already had one picked out. I think I have a cabled scarf pattern that I found online. Let me search today and I'll get back to you. What would you think about me sending you the pattern and directions through the mail?

Laura said...

Hey Cindy I think I found a fabulous pattern for you. It has simple cables and it is so cute. It's not a scarf though. I thought that maybe you'd like to knit something other than a scarf since summer is here to stay.
So I hope this works for you. I want it to be a surprise so I'm not gonna tell you what the pattern is. I'm going to send you everything you need, but it might take me up to two weeks. I just can't get out of the house to get anything done for myself.
So I have one more question for you. What's your very faavorite color? Send me an email k?

Jenn said...

Ou know the Irish Hiking Scarf would be perfect. It is my first cableing project!


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