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I present you with a picture of my knitting needles. My needles are a combination of a swap meet find of over a hundred including dpns a bunch and the other few are purchased as various projects dictated. I am pretty jazzed I recieved information for the secret pal exchange. I can't share any tid-bits but she seems really awesome. I have been swatching, hells bells who knew how important it is to swatch. Something about guage and so on hee, hee! well atleast I can laugh about all this knowledge I am getting maybe when I grow up I will be able to knit. I am going to read At Knits End by the Yarn Harlot. Has anyone read it? I read it is full of knitisisms hummm...who knew that was I word. Today is going to be my watching movies and yes, SwATcHiNg day. I should be swatch-ed/watch-ed out by the end of the day. Oops, on my back-tack front what a blast I am finishing the, well I can't actually say lest I be found out by my back tack person I am sewing for. But, a certain someone who I sent fabric to as part of the back-tack exchange who is talented and brillantly creative claims she figured me out hee,hee! Psst! I think she did what a hoot!


Laura said...

You're so silly!

Nancy said...

Thank you so much for the **beautiful** stitch markers! Life has been crazy right now, so my blog posting is a bit behind. But I'll try and show the markers off sometime this week!! Thanks again!


ria said...

I knew it! It was the fabric that you used in your sewing roll. Was I mistaken that you used some of the same you sent me?

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