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I am no slAcKEr, today I was inspired it was cool and overcasty & gloomy by California's standards we usually suffer in the 70's here hee,hee! I am naughty to the naughty corner for me. I worked on my Nothing But a T-shirt today and BLESS ME in public no less. I had to take my fashionista daughter of course at the last minute because yes we did have the whole school year to go to a museum. But since her freshman school year ends in THREE days her museum report is due!!!! Well, heck what would "I" have to do on sunday but be waiting with baited breathe car keys in hand to take my fashionista to MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art. It was family day and the kids and parents were hopping, swirling, rolling, and many other motions following the ever entertaing drumming docent on tour. My daughters eyes popped out of her head as I mentioned we, herself, her brother and I did that! hee,hee! well I got to sit on a bench and knit as she wrote her thoughts on the work of art and its various mediums. I am now at the bust increases as I write.


joelene said...

oh, I love MOCA, I need to get down to LA and go again soon. I am not sure what I like more the moca itself or the store!

Laura said...

Good for you, knitting in public! I do that a lot. With all of my doctors appointments I always have my knitting with me incase I have to wait. I get a lot done that

I'm excited to see your nothin but a t-shirt finished!

ria said...

Hey Cindy,

You said you were waiting for back tack creativeness... did you look at what I did to your striped and brown chrysanthemum fabrics? http://riarug.blogspot.com/2005/06/knitters-roll-up.html

Do you approve so far?

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