beautiful knitted fabric

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Look at my beautiful knitted fabric. Oh, yeah yippee hee,hee! my knitted fabric kinda funny saying that.I have the back completed and about 95 percent of the front yeepee! Well I love stitch markers but I won't make them for myself. I was surfing and came across these pearl stitch markers amd I ordered them and she sent a lovely sample of her own home spun yarn isn't it purty... Pearls are my jewels I love pearls. I wear my pearl stud earrings everyday. I have been baby sitting ALL weekend I got the news when the doorbell rang. Hee,hee! dh oops, had a lapse of what do you call it??? Shame on me I was just zipping out to drop my daughter off at a end of year party. I had to do the mad shuffle, see we are a household of two seater cars and my son has the only four passenger truck two car seats would fit into. Well he was working on a promotion for his Dad my dh who put him also in a two passenger vehicle for Saturday and to make a long story short I was grounded. But I was given yummy hugs,cuddles and got to sleep with two babies between us like when my babies were little. I miss that! sniff, sniff but my total lack of sleep this weekend and my stiff neck has sobered my dilusional thoughts and now I remember why I love other peoples children, THEY GO HOME! hee,hee!

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