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Well I have absolutely no knitting news. I almost completely frogged my beautiful hourglass sweater. I DO NOT understand how to attatch the sleeves I totally brained blanked. It is needless to say in shreds. I need to get it back on the needles I got so frustrated. I guess with all the stress I have been under I took it out on my sweater. I hope I can repair the mess I made. Well I have decided to give suzy a makeover hee, hee! all these reality shows on t.v. and I decided to make suzy over. I can say its been a real pleasure working with her. She doesn't complain and she will stay in place as I am pinning and draping muslin on her to create a pattern to make her all new again. She has been such a doll hee, hee!!

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African Kelli said...

Hmmm... You haven't blogged in a long time! I hope things are going well and you figured out this project. Thanks for comments on my site. I'm glad you liked the CD!

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