Girls, girls and more girls!

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My immediate family consists of yes, girls! I have the only boy between my sisters and I, proud puffy chest sticking out here. My sister was living in Canada for a bit and has since returned to her home in Austria. But, I was gifted with a visit with her and two of her five, yes five daughters hee,hee! Oops! can't resist the giggles she insisted she was having boys each time. So from the left is my beautiful niece Angelina, my daughter in the middle and my beautiful namesake Baby Cindy on the right. See well I made a bet with my sister, she insisted she was having a boy but I told her she was having a girl and she would have to name her after me if I was right. Well not only was I right, she resembles me as well.

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Anonymous said...

what a cute pic! could you PLEASE mail me the pics you guys made on the trip...i need some family love all the way over here in the desert! its amazing how similar renee and liz look! how beautiful my baby cousin got..i am getting all chocked up on green salsa and its not pretty! love

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