loopy or loopie

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I am a bit loopy from the new medicine I am on. But lets see, here is my progress on my one skein wonder. I am ready to start the sead stitch for sleeves. Here is one of the two discs I left the other in the car when I took the pictures, sorry I recieved from Katie at http://oltremare.diaryland.com/ she put so much thought and time into the song selection and artwork. The music is great it is as she termed it mellow, folky, alt-country kinda stuff. I am looking forward to the other cd's. It is so exciting to see and hear the different variety of music combinations each person comes up with. All I can say is mine were very random, smile! My sockapaltwoza pal Jessica http://showmeyourknits.typepad.com/ received her socks I made for the exchange and I am tickled she liked them and they fit since I am not very acurate in the swatching and measuring department yet, so yippee! I am waiting on pins and needles for my socks the anticipation. So much fun getting mail especially when your under the weather. I better dash I am starting to feel icky again.


African Kelli said...

This is the next project I am planning on starting. I wonder about the seed stitch. Was it difficult?

katie said...

oooo... the OSW looks great. I'm liking that color. Isn't it a fun pattern?

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