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I have been in knitting mode. When I don't feel good I still can't sit still I am so ADD. So I have been bouncing around from project to project. I have been starting new ones and then bouncing over and completing UFO's. I have actually focused and am teaching my self to knit two socks on two circulars. I was over at knit picks and they have a free downloadable pattern with instructions and pictures. It is great because I am a visual learner. So here are my socks I've started from the toe up, another technique I wanted to try. I also attempted intarsia, but well I wanted to make the beanie in the round and well its a little wonky, since the instructions are to knit it flat. Next one I think I will knit flat. I knit the beanie in Rowan kid classic which is a lambswool/mohair/nylon blend which gave it a fun, fluffy flair. I just love Mission Falls Wee Knits too it has the cutest, cutest knits in it I love all the whole book it is precious. This beanie is for my great niece, I have been a great aunt for 16 years already imagine that. I have nine great nieces and nephews. Kinda neat especially since I am not in my eighties.

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