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Ok, well so its just a few and well I have been knitting lately and I have been gifting some of my stash and well there is still room in my secret hiding places and well it isn't going to hurt anyone and Ok seriously I just needed those 20 skeins of Rowan denim and it did come all the way from the other side of the pond and they sent me a pamphlet with all this info and best of all it came with its own WEAR Rowan Denim label and all. So There! I also bought sock yarn. Psst! I am in the dog house big time my kids are going to riot soon they don't understand why I haven't made them socks yet and I have made soooo many for other people and stranger other people and they are my own flesh and blood and does anyone get the depth of trouble I am in? I couldn't resist the pink and lime colors they are yum.


African Kelli said...

Is the Rowan denim called denim because of its color? Or is it actually a cotton denim material?

The colors you've selected are lovely.
Happy knitting!

Anonymous said...

just droped by to see how you're doing,...you're so good. maybe you can teach me some day.love you!c*

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