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I am a bit sad! I no longer have a digital camera. Sniff, sniff, sniff, argh, wwaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!catching my breath regaining composure deep breaths. I loaned it to my son, he went to Minnesota to see a Vikings game and well it is gone it was either dropped or taken. I feel bad for him because I know he had taken some wonderful pictures and he feels just awful. He wanted to use his allowance to replace it. Somewhere my camera is sitting missing me as much as I miss it. So until I can affored to get a new camera I have no new pictures to post. But I do know I am blessed! I think of all the Katrina victims and realize my camera is nothing compared to the loss and devistation being felt. So with that I pick up my chin and just want to say I will post pictures
when I am able to. I am knitting every chance I get. My sockapaltwoza socks are on their way and I am working on my CD's for "DDD" CD exchange I am in. I am going to admit I downloaded a few books of the Harry Potter Series onto my I-pod and am so addicted, Yikes! I love to read but being able to listen while I am driving, grocery shopping or on my way to work is pretty cool! I was way addicted to audio books a few years ago when my job required alot of driving.But this is neat-o! I can actually do chores, errands and even fun stuff thanks to technology, Yeepee!!!!!!!! I am so sad to say my secret pal has not revealed herself to me. I alway have believed the glass ia half full and not half empty so I am sure there must be a reason I just hope all is well in her life and she is ok. I look forward to finding out who she is.

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Debbie said...

Sorry to hear about your camera, but you're going to love listening to the HP books, the guy who reads them is awesome, I think it's much more fun than reading them.

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