I am knitting up a storm

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Well here is a picture of my recent knitting. I started a garter stitch cardigan from Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight it is coming out yummy I just love the feel of the Debbie Bliss cotton dk I am using in my fav color, yup that would be blue. I can't say who its for cuz its a secret ssshhh! The parent might be reading this lol. I am also making the Nautilus Hat by Marnie Maclean in groovy green my daughter called dibs on it when she saw me knitting it. It is a beautius knit in Debbie Bliss dk. In the left top corner is some black stuff thats a secret project I'll share later after the recipient gets it ;D. That lovely blue felted thingy is my none other felted Market Bag from Knitty it is the perfect size to hold a coupla' projects actually luv it, luv it, luv it. . My absolute favorite book right now is Knitted Babes by Claire Garland OMG! it is fab-u-lous it has the cutest ever knitted dolls with the cutest names Dot Pebbles, DD Diva, Bunny Bright, Rudy Ranch and Flo Tilly. The patterns for these trendy outfits are included. You can bet there will be a few of these whipped up as Christamas prezzies. My daughter said she will make the outfits if I knit up the dolls, but I think she was a bit wacky yesterday 'cuz she passed her test to get her permit and she is in a soon to drive stupor Woohoo! I did get my call to see the fancy specialist for my as my father terms it "my condition" doesn't it sound like I am pregnant? Oh well I'm not but I have to wait 8 weeks to see this doctor's doctor I have never heard that term before. So I get to continue to take all this medicine until then. I guess I will be knitting alot 'cuz it pretty hard to drive and function with it and painful without it. So I will be loopy and knitting for awhile longer.

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