socks arrived!

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Lookie what I got today my sockapaltwoza socks, Big Silly Grin! They came all the way from Iowa and were made during and around wedding craziness I am impressed and I am just tickled they are so lovely and cabled and and cozy and so well made and they fit my chubby feet. WooHoo! My pal Neysa must have espn cuz she knew that jelly bellys are my secret favorite snack. I even hide them I am so afraid one day my kids might taste them and like them. My other favorite is Ghirardelli chocolate and those famous hot fudge sundaes, yum! My pal was Neysa over at sticksgoboom.blogspot.com. A big Congratulations to you and your Mister, sMiLe!


luvs2knit said...

The socks are soooo cool. I'm so glad that they fit.

katie said...

Lucky feet! The socks look great.

Anonymous said...

Cindy, I have posted the sock specs at http://socksgoboom.blogspot.com/, if you are curious.

Happy knitting,

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