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I can't even begin to mention how grateful I am to Jenni. She really spoiled me for the needle exchange. I hope her pal was as generous to her as she was to me.
I got Debbie Macomber's book The Shop on Blossom Street, I have been looking for it. I also recieved the most beautiful pair of hand painted wooden needles, the pretty pink bow is covering the pretty artwork. Yup, and my favorite brand of yarn Rowan some kidsilk spray, so yummy. My favorite brand of dpns Crystal Palace I love the points and how did you know I needed a set of size 6's humm... I also got a lambie measuring tape by lantern moon love it, love it! I recieved two pairs of earings, freshwater pearls my favorite and blue crystal my fav color of course, knitters helper hand balm, insert french accent here, some french milled soap from the south of France ooh la la! If you look in the middle right corner there is a purple box, it is the most clever idea I have seen yet. It was a altoids container which she painted and polimer clayed with flowers and inside is a magnetic strip and it has needles on it even to weave in my ends. To top it all off is a small project tote by lantern Moon in pink. I can tote my sock projects around with me. Oh, Jenni you are so special and thoughtful thank you again.

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Jenni said...

I just sent off an e-mail to check about the box (the UPS guys seemed a bit scattered, so I was worried!) I'm so glad it got to you-- and I'm so sorry I was so slow. I'm glad you got it safely, and I hope getting a package in the mail made life seem a bit brighter. Sure have been thinking about you and your dad.

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