a tiny peek at my back-tack pals goodies

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I am a bit late sending my package out. It has been done for some time but I wasn't in town to send it out. I am sorry back-tack pal. She already knows who she is 'cuz well I goofed and spilled the beans on accident, she's africankelli. Can you imagine fate she was my back-tack pal in the first round, she made my goodies for me. I had so much fun putting her kit together and I love the fabrics I used to make the bag. They are Amy Butler Fabrics and I altered a Amy Butler pattern, I thought it needed to be a bit bigger. I can't show any more I am already showing too much, smile! My life has been crazy as I mentioned before my father had a escapade with a hospital stay, thank you everyone who sent your warm thoughts and prayers. I also found out I really need surgery soon. If all goes well I will be able to see the specialist sooner than December. My Dr. increased my medication dose's and changed my pain medication which helps make the day a bit more bareable. It is amazing how I can look non-plussed on the outside and be in horrific pain on the inside. I just want all the pain to go away. I am a bit behind on my socks for the sock exchange thingy but I am just about at the toes so they should be finished in the next day or so but, I love the colors and hopefully Peacock will too and it will distract her from all my mistakes since she is a sock expert.

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African Kelli said...

WOW Cindy. It is beautiful! I can't wait for it to get here. Thank you again for managing this when everything else is going haywire. I have your family's and your health in my prayers.

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