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I think this picture says how I feel. Boy, does time fly just when you think you've blogged yesterday actually it was a few days ago. Maybe its the age thing kicking in, smile! Isn't this the cutest picture of my great nice Mia she is so beautiful and sweet and genius of course. I was thinking I needed a yarn fix and wll oops! I went to pull out the ironing board and what do you know some yarn I bought during Christmas shopping on the internet kinda fell outta its hiding place I forgot about hee, hee, oh well! You know and I like it too, if I didn't already have it I would have bought it. Its some really pretty handpainted yarn. Well I need to dig out my ufo's I stashed away and see what needs finishing or frogging. I decided I would like to seriously learn how to cable and make a pair of socks with cables simple ones though. I am not that daring cuz with cables I know you need some serious counting and actual paying attention no mindless knitting. I joined Secret Pal 7 and I am tickled about it because it is so much fun getting to meet other bloggers who share your passion. Well and I forgot to mention where I went for the Holidays, my sister lives in Vienna, Austria and Badwaltersdorf, Austria so thats where we were it was beautiful. I also was in Graz where I spent time with my nieces and great nieces and their boyfriends. I really missed all my nieces and it was a treasure for me to spend time with them.


efa said...


thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my hat. I made up the pattern as I knitted it. But it is very similar to this one:

I just decreased it in 4 parts.

Judy said...

Ooh, I once visited Austria! It's so beautiful. Anyway, I came out of "lurksville" to give you a suggestion on a pair of socks with a simple cable pattern. I made these last month, and they came out very nice. Check out the pattern at: http://brainylady.blogspot.com/sockpattern.htm
Good luck!

Christine said...

Hey there, oh so patient SET Pal! Guess what! They are finished. Pictures on the blog in a bit. I fear that I am leaving for a trip though, so I can't go to the post office and I have to because of the extra goodies for your oh so appreciated patience! Oh, yeah, can you resend me your address?

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