Baking baking and a whole lot more baking

Since I started knitting, posting and reading the wonderful blogs I have come across. I started to feel I am not worthy. But it is amazing how well rounded or rather how many different topics some gals or guys blog about. Some of these topics are about  knitting, cooking, crafting, travel, and family. Reading about these topics are so refreshing, well maybe to me since I had not posted in some time. I was initially lurking and well I did comment because I was impressed and appreciated what was being shared, I came across some wonderful recipes and  as  I write this post, I have chocolate macadamia pecan cookies and pumpkin bread (two variations one with white raisins and one with chocolate chips), chocolate dipped pretzel rods with sprinkles, and majic bars, yum! I have been planning on baking for the holidays and as I viewed blogs today, I was inspired by the bloggers posts and pictures and I could not resist so, I started baking today. I have a wonderful pantry I keep stocked because I am an impulsive inspired cook, so I was able to bake up a storm tonight. I am so proud to say I have a table full of goodies cooling, so I can pack them up tomorrow morning. I was tickled my daughter who is busy with college applications jumped in and got into the spirit and baked with me and did dishes. I have wonderful baked treasures to deliver tomorrow and I am so excited! 

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