Gift Knitting

Here is some of my knitting in progress The scarf in background by Mr Snowman is knitted in one of my favorite stitch patterns basketweave in Rowan Plaid. I just love the yummy wooliness and it bloomed and softened after I washed and blocked it. The varigated handdyed yarn in front under Mr Snowman's foot will be a pair of childrens fingerless gloves. The lighter blue varigated yarn will also be childrens fingerless gloves and the darker purplely blues ia pair of ladies fingerless gloves. I found the pattern at PurlBee it is called Greenway Fingerless Gloves and has been a lovely knit I think it is because the yarn is so happy the colors are purples, greens and blues and it reminds me of Greece and a wonderful vacation we spent there. I have a pair of fingerless gloves I made a few years ago I love to wear they are very handy dandy you have your fingers free so your hands can still be warm and you can hold your childrens hand you can open the front door lock, drive, put coins in the meter, type on your computer at starbucks and drink cofee all with toasty hands. 

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