Looking for digital camera

I am on a hunt for my digital camera. I had a inspiration my baby was going on her Senior Retreat and well I thought what better than to come home to a fresh and inspiring new bedroom. Since my baby has been working so hard on college applications and her bedroom was a bit lackluster, vintage and basically stuck in a third grade time warp. You know I was quite amazed at what actually came outta there. Needless to say the contents of that tiny room have spilled into the living room as temporary holding pen. So my camera is missing and I have works in progress to share. Well as most sane people know you start painting a room and then the fifteen year old carpet starts looking a bit shabby. Then qwell the nausea because the floor molding from the sixties needs replacing and gotta repair the shutter clips. Then my honey decides our son who is in college who comes home on weekends needs his room painted and gotta get the carpet done in the too. Then gotta get the hallway carpet done might as well throw in the guest room and well I am way in over my head. All I can say is it looks wonderful fresh paint some carpet and some serious purging of things that either do not fit, are broken, missing a mate, have not been used and have no ebay value. I organized my yarn stash and gave away the synthetic and novelty yarns what was I thinking when I bought some of them, yikes. I have a beret almost finished in Noro silk/wool in soft creams and greens for Christmas gifting. I was inspired by Kay at Mason Dixon and her fingerless gloves and I am making a pair out of a stunning hand dyed Toasty Toes in beautiful purples, greens and blues. I found some cashmere I bought in New York I would love to make a scarf with. It is a beautiful deep coral and I know it will bloom beautifully. I have so much to say and well I've written too much I have no pictures to post due to missing camera so I will post a picture I took in Bermuda in last June.    

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