It Has Been A Long Time Since My Last Post

Wow... it has been quite some time since I have posted in blog land sigh.... I have missed my knitting terribly. I was on a semi hiatus/strike kinda went into a knitting funk will all sorts of wip still a sitting.  But I happened upon on blog I had not read in some time by going through my saved bookmarks. Yippee my passion my long lost passion is not all lost insert a big smile here.  I have new projects to post I have been working on for past two weeks. I also had to reclaim my long lost blog and ta da I am back and running. I will need a day or two have to hunt down the long forgotten digital camera I am sure there are so many newer models out there than my vintage baby. Maybe I'll ask Santa for a new one. I do have to say I am beyond surprise over glancing at the blogs I used to read most of the Gals have their own books in print now at like Amazon, Barns and Noble, Borders my local yarn shop, I am so tickled and impressed. I just started the Puff-Sleeved Cardigan from Fitted Knits by Stephanie Japel in a blue Sublime yarn that is just yummy and I can't wait till tomorrow and if its sunny and I will get some pictures to post. Have some yarn porn too bought some yummy sock yarn, yes I am still a sock making junkie. My easy toteable project and instant gratification. Gotta run and yes blogger world I am back again insert a huge big Smile here. Goodnite 

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