Summer Time

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I can't believe it summer time is literally here, shish! I scored this darling skirt pattern isn't it darhling! I luv it! It is by mac and me and I went ahead and bought the one hundred percent cotton by bluesky for it. It feels so good in my hands it brings back sweet memories. Happy childhood memories like fresh laundry on the line on a warm summer day and I used to lay down on the grass in my grandmothers yard and stare at the sky watching the birds and butterflies and staring at ladybugs on my finger tips. I used to love my grandmothers yard it was full of fruits trees and throughout the year as each tree blossomed and the branches were heavy with rippening fruit I would climb up and sit in the tree and pluck sweet fruit off the branches. It was just incredible biting into plump peaches, warm figs, apricots with pink cheeks so sweet and juicy. But the lemons I am not quite sure what type of lemons they were but they had a thick skin and were more sweet than sour. I guess that could be why I am just crazy for lemon bars, smile! Oops, I was talking about yarn a second ago, smile. It was the yarn!


Celestine said...

Hi Cindy

just a quick "hello" today, because I´m just packing loads of stuff ... your blog is great, we surely are into the same colours.
regards from

Peacock said...

Meyers lemons (probably began as a hybrid between a lemon and an orange or a mandarin) are sweeter and less acidic than most lemons, but are usually thinner skinned. hmmm... I bet there's a horticulturalist out there who could give you the right answer!

Ah, lemons, summer, and childhood. :)

Memorial Day Hookup said...

This was off the chain again!

Kerry said...

Hi Cindy,

I've tried contacting you several times concerning SP8 and have received no response. Please contact me immediately at kerrycrone at verizon dot net.

Kerry (Your new SP8 hostess)

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